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  • Parameters are any complex numbers of the form of a+ib.
    • IMDIV(),returns the quotient of two complex numbers


  • This function gives the division of two complex numbers.
  • This function used to remove the (imaginary unit) from the denominator.
  • The two Parameters are in the form of and , where & are real numbers is the imaginary unit, .
  • Let z1 and z2 are the two Complex Numbers.
  • To do the division of complex number we have follow the steps:
step 1: Write the complex number in the fraction form.
step 2: Find the conjugate of the denominator.
step 3: Multiply the numerator and denominator with conjugate.
  • To find the Conjugate of a Complex Number we can use the function IMCONJUGATE.


  • The syntax is to calculate the IMDIV in ZOS is .
    • Parameters are any complex numbers of the form of a+ib.
  • For e.g.,IMDIV("3+2i","3-2i")


  1. IMDIV("4+2i","3-i") = = (because ) =
  2. IMDIV("3-5i","2-6i") = 0.9+0.2i
  3. IMDIV("5","2+3i") = 0.7692307692307693 + -1.1538461538461537i
  4. IMDIV("1+i","2") = 0.5+0.5i

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