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NORMDIST (Number,Mean,StandardDeviation,Cumulative,accuracy)

  • is the value.
  • is the mean.
  • is the standard deviation
  • is the logical value like TRUE or FALSE.
  • is correct decimal places for the result.
    • NORMDIST(),returns the normal cumulative distribution.


  • This function gives the Normal Distribution for the particular Mean and Standard Deviation.
  • Normal Distribution is the function that represents the distribution of many random variables as a symmetrical bell-shaped graph.
  • This distribution is the Continuous Probability Distribution.It is also called Gaussian Distribution.
  • In ), is the value of the function, is the Arithmetic Mean of the distribution, is the Standard Deviation of the distribution and is the Logical Value that indicating the form of the function.
  • Suppose is TRUE, this function gives the Cumulative Distribution, and it is FALSE, this function gives the Probability Mass Function.
  • The equation for the Normal Distribution is:

where is the Mean of the distribution, is the Standard Deviation of the distribution.

  • In this formula, suppose = 0 and = 1, then the distribution is called the Standard Normal Distribution or the Unit Normal Distribution.
 This function will return the result as error when any one of the argument is non-numeric and .
  • when is TRUE , this formula is the integral from to and is FALSE , we can use the same formula.


  1. =NORMDIST(37,29,2.1,FALSE) = 0.000134075
  2. =NORMDIST(37,29,2.1,TRUE) = 0.99993041384
  3. =NORMDIST(10.75,17.4,3.2,TRUE) = 0.01884908749
  4. =NORMDIST(10.75,17.4,3.2,FALSE) = 0.014387563

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