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NORMINV (Probability,Mean,StandardDeviation)

  • is the probability corresponding to the Normal Distribution.
  • is the Mean value.
  • is the Standard Deviation.
    • NORMINV(),returns the inverse of the normal cumulative distribution.


  • This function gives the inverse of the Normal Cumulative Distribution for the particular Mean and Standard Deviation.
  • If , then .
  • using the iterating method to find the value of a Number.
  • Suppose the iteration has not converged after 100 searches, then the function gives the error result.
  • In , where is the corresponding probability of the Normal Distribution, is the Arithmetic Mean of the Normal Distribution and is the Standard Deviation of the Normal Distribution.
  • This function will return the result as error when
1.any one of the argument is non-numeric
2.Suppose Probability<0 or Probability>1
3. StandardDeviation<=0.
  • If Mean=0 and StandardDeviation=1, NORMINV uses the Standard Normal Distribution.


  1. =NORMINV(0.01884908749,17.4,3.2) = 10.750011
  2. =NORMINV(0.998742,5.4,2.3) = 12.349244172
  3. =NORMINV(1,7.2,2.3) = NULL

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