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NORMSDIST (Number,Accuracy)

  • is the value of the function .
  • is correct decimal places for the result.
    • NORMSDIST(),returns the standard normal cumulative distribution.


  • This function gives the Standard Normal Cumulative Distribution function.
  • In Normal Distribution formula, if the Mean is zero and the Standard Deviation is 1, then it is called Standard Normal Distribution.
  • The equation for the Standard Normal Density function is:
  • This function will return the result as error when the value is non-numeric.


  1. =NORMSDIST(4.74) = 0.9999975333
  2. =NORMSDIST(5.0021) = 0.9999999738
  3. =NORMSDIST(1.00006) = 0.8413586589
  4. =NORMSDIST(12) = 1.0000002451499

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