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STANDARDIZE (X,Mean,StandardDeviation)

  • is the value.
  • is the mean.
  • is the standard deviation.
    • STANDARDIZE(),returns a normalized value.


  • This function gives the normalized value of any distribution.
  • Standardize is the normalized value for a distribution characterized by a given mean and standard deviation.
  • In , is the value to be normalized , is the arithmetic mean of the distribution, and is the standard deviation of the distribution.
  • The equation for the normalized value is:

, where is the arithmetic mean and is the standard deviation.

  • This function will give the result as error when
     1. Any one of the argument is non-numeric. 
     2. StandardDeviation<=0


  1. =STANDARDIZE(25,20,10.2) = 0.490196078431
  2. =STANDARDIZE(52.5,42,3.25) = 3.230769230769
  3. =STANDARDIZE(30,35,4.21) = -1.187648456057
  4. =STANDARDIZE(2,0,5.3) = 0.377358490566
  5. =STANDARDIZE(-2,1,6.17) = -0.48622366288

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